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10 Affiliate marketing tips and tricks 2018 for Beginners

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10 Affiliate marketing tips and tricks 2018 for Beginners


Affiliate marketing is a big source of income. To maximize your affiliate earnings is engaging your readers. Traditional ads where you get paid for impression or clicks, affiliates opportunities get only paid if or when a specific action is performed. The action would be something as simple as you sign up a newsletter to submit their zip code information up to have a sale completed. Regardless, you don’t get paid until you compel your readers to take some type of action.



Affiliate marketing is the procedure to make a commission by promoting products based on performance. This is also a trendy method for a company to sell its products by signing up affiliates to bring visitors, customers, and clients through different market media. Affiliate marketing is also the practice where business owners and brands pay an online retailer, e-commerce site or blog for each visitor or sales that these websites make for their brand. I will share you some of great Affiliate Marketing Tips, but first of all, you need to know how affiliate marketing works.

Most of the people often miscomprehend Affiliate Marketing Program with internet marketing. Internet marketing is a process to promote a brand, products or services on the Internet. Internet marketing is the mother superset of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the most important branch of internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing has been as old as the internet with Amazon being the launched the first to launch an official affiliate program 1996. It is still involved in the largest affiliate marketing scale on the internet. Most of the people often quality the invention of affiliate marketing to William Tobin the founder of PC Flowers and Gifts.  Since its beginning and the start of the e-commerce website, the use of affiliate marketers has been grown through the hard and lean and is now a gold mine.


Here are the Top 10 Affiliate marketing tips.


1. Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon is one of the great Affiliate marketing tips. You have heard so much exaggeration about how much money you can earn with Affiliate marketing tips. Or, you might have set up a site with the goal to make money with affiliate marketing and you might have spent money to buy a domain, paid for hosting, employed the services of a web designer to design your site only to find out the money made isn’t enough to cover your capital. You might not have tried the right affiliate program. The way of making money with the affiliate marketing Amazon program.

Yes, on Amazon Best Selling Affiliate Products that is known as the Amazon Associates program. Before we are going to talk about how you can make money with this Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, we will take a look at its brief history.


2. Choose a blog topic

The blog is the most common and useful part of Affiliate marketing tips. When you get started from the scratch, you will surely have come up with the topic for your blog/website. That will be suitable first of all, for you!


How can you choose the right niche?

If you plan to write by yourself, you have to make sure you choose something you are comfortable with and you won’t have difficulties to write about. You will have to produce so much content!


Get into some marketing strategy

This is going to be a very complex step and you need definitely a strategy. You have to define your goals and the way you will go to achieve them. You need to think of your potential visitors and the way how and where you can catch them / bring them to your website.


3. SEO

SEO is one of the most worth Affiliate marketing tips. Many of marketers say SEO is dead, just because it’s more complex and sophisticated now. SEO is the most important source of online traffic and income. This is the truth that I needed to make way too many mistakes to become successful in SEO but it was definitely worth it.

“SEO is not dead, just more complex”

SEO is the skill that takes a long time to learn and you need to keep yourself updated with the newest changes (Google algorithm updates).

TIP: you have to read blogs of some popular affiliate marketers or SEO masters to stay updated!  There are a lot of SEO sites. Go sign up for their newsletter, like their FB pages… it keeps you connected to SEO news!


4. Work smarter

Work smarter, not harder I think is one of the important parts of Affiliate marketing tips. First of all, you get to know the point when your blog is making a profit for you, do not just keep doing same things (repeating same strategies) in order to maintain your success.

You need to keep improving the whole project because if you won’t do it, your competition will. You need to be watched and constantly improved every single point above.


5. Pick up the right place

Your success is going to depend on which market you choose for yourself. You can easily get into the wrong one and not see any results. That is why pick up the right place is one of the important parts of Affiliate marketing tips. You can see a good result as soon as you start by entering the right marketplace.

There are two aspects that typically go pick up the right marketplace and attracting the right audience. I recommend you to check Top 5 CPA Affiliate Networks.

If you are struggling with something and have to search or buy a particular product to help yourself, you are desperate to find answers and buy products that help. Insomnia is one of the most common problems that a lot of people struggle with.

If you need to find details and buy items that help you through this issue, you will need your website about insomnia.

Create niche websites that will reach out to those desperate people often bring success because of the need for the items you are selling. People will spend more money when they are desperate.

So many people have hobbies that they are passionate about something. If they enjoy these hobbies so much, they are willing to buy more. When you will provide content and products that they will need for their hobby, they will be likely to use your website and buy your products.


6. Make videos

Make your own video or you can find someone to make a video for you. Those videos are used to add an additional way to leverage traffic to your website. People can find your videos on YouTube and from there they can find your website.

Add videos to your website content that also makes your website stand out and draw more interest. Making videos is one the best Affiliate marketing tips for a beginner too.


7. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the essential factors in developing a niche website. Your keywords need to be relevant to your niche.

The keywords you are choosing to use determine how well you are ranked in Google for that keyword. It will also determine how much traffic and interested consumers read your content and purchase your products. Let’s say keyword research is a lucky part of Affiliate Marketing Tips.


Tell your visitor through your website

As opposed to having a visitor just look at one piece of content and leave, you need to guide them to multiple pieces of content. Keep the product recommendation for the last step.

Do not want to push a product into their face immediately. Introduce them to some useful content, then guide them to some more in-depth content, and finally, show them a product.

You have provided the user with a lot of information and reasoning behind needing the product you are going to show them by doing this. Build a relationship your visitor so they will buy your product and come back to your website again in the future.


8. Target your audience

It might be difficult but one of the most useful Affiliate Marketing Tips. Affiliate marketing is going to work only on the fact that how much followers you have. You get required to be offering the products, services and more than the match to what your targeted audience wants.

You need to try to consider why they come up to your blog or website, find reasons why do they need to join your email marketing list, or even why anyone needs to follow you on social media. In short, keep trying the reasons why would anyone try to associate with you. You need to identify your audience before shooting arrows in the dark.


9. Marketing research

It is going to be said that the secret to run a successful Affiliate Marketing process rests with a deemed level of research.

The task of utmost importance is you need to know what it really takes to excel without discarding your time as well as money. When it comes to marketing research analysis, keyword research is one of the most prime subjects one must cater.

Keyword research is basically what people type into the search engine like Google and they obtain results. You get required to literally convince the search almighty like Google about the relevance of your site with regard to the info searched. This is one of the necessary parts of Affiliate Marketing Tips that help you to get into new opportunities every day.

10. Use an Autoresponder

When it comes to online marketing Autoresponder is one of the greatest tools, and it would be a great and most common part of Affiliate marketing tips. Most of the visitors on any website talk as much as 97.5% of them don’t buy anything but you can get more of them to buy by using email marketing service.

This is the way you build trust with them and get them to return to the site by sending them emails to follow up with them or even offer them a fat bonus when they buy through your link.




Now you have known how to become successful in affiliate marketing. And you are given easy and great Affiliate marketing tips.

Now, this is the time for you to start exploring this world and making money at the same time. Affiliate marketing is filled with opportunities for money-making. And I promise you will be able to succeed if you follow these important steps.


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