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Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

best cryptocurrency to invest


Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

What is crypto-currency?


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography to secure transfer of funds between people, without a regulatory medium such as World Bank.


Bitcoin so far is the best cryptocurrency to invest in, although we have a top cryptocurrency list that tops the list of digital currency after bitcoin, they include Ethereum, litecoin, factom, altcoin, ripple, Dash, and NEM, among many other cryptocurrencies that have resurfaced due to bitcoins success.



So what makes bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in?


1. Bitcoin is the brainchild behind digital currency.


Bitcoin is the brainchild behind digital currency. And what that means is, bitcoin has gained network advantage over other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has increased its utility as we are having an increased number of people using bitcoin, this, in turn, welcomes new users on board. When we have many users there are better interactions which increase the knowledge base of the user, in return the users feel safe because they understand what they are doing.



 2. Bitcoin has the largest market share.


Bitcoin also shares the largest market share. Which makesbest cryptocurrency it the best cryptocurrency to invest in the total value of all bitcoins is approximated to be at around forty-one billion US dollars, an amount twice. It’s second-place competitor Ethereum. A large market share attracts wealthy investors which make the demand and prices go high. Then why not invest in bitcoin if you are after making huge profits?


3. Bitcoin has the most secure network.


Security is a key feature when dealing with digital currency. Security makes bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in because it has the most secure network and features that make it difficult to hack and break into. And the fact that it uses the protocol designed by the national security agency (SHA-256) makes it virtually unbreakable.


4. Bitcoin has invested more in blockchain technology.


The blockchain technology used by bitcoin also makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. blockchain technology is an emerging technology that’s going to be a game changer in this technological error. Dozens of companies have embraced the technology, and this could lead to more investments and inventions in this sector, which in return will open more channels to improve and make the technology better and more stable.

5. Restricting supply.

Limiting supply is also another area bitcoin has eyed, and what does this mean to anybody who wants to invest? Restricting supply, then combining the supply with a steadily rising demand is bound to make prices skyrocket.

Bitcoin has limited the number of bitcoins to be mined to twenty-one million. And once the limit is reached no more bitcoins will be created. This means more profit to investors and thus making bitcoin the best cryptocurrency to invest in.


To sum up, the price of bitcoin is likely to double or triple in the next one decade, despite the abnormal profits. It has made in the recent past.

So to the interested parties that had a second thought in investing in cryptocurrency. Now is the time to make a move and invest in bitcoin. Because it’s the best coin we have on the market so far.

Its never too late to invest.

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