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Are You Looking For a Step By Step Guide on How To Start a Blog?

How To Start a Blog

How To Start a Blog

Are You Looking For a Step By Step Guide on How To Start a Blog?


Are you looking for a step by step guide on how to start a blog? This article will help you understand how you can start and run a blog on your own. Here are steps you need to follow when starting a blog:


    1. Pick a blog name

This is the first step if you want to have a blog. The name you will choose will be determined by the topic of interest. Here are some examples of topics you can consider when picking a blog name:


  • Hobbies and passion – the topic you choose can be determined by your hobbies or interests. These hobbies will make the bigger part of your blog posts. Cooking, fashion, travel, sports, search engine optimization, cars etc. are examples of hobbies you can choose from.


  • Life experiences – you can also start a blog to share your life experiences to help other people who have similar problems in life. For instance, you can start a blog post on being a politician’s wife, being a fireman’s wife, being married to a pastor etc. You can also start a blog basing it on life experiences such as diseases, divorce, work, being a parent among other choices.


  • Personal blog – this type of a blog is all about you and it includes a variety of topics. These topics may vary from the things you do on a daily basis to musings and sharing your thoughts. This type of a blog required dedication and creativity to remain relevant to your audience.

Ensure that the name is descriptive to enable people to understand what the blog is all about and to relate to the topics. You will then have to choose a domain extension of your name. Having a .com domain is the most preferred domain but you can also have .net or .org as domains depending on your preference. Check availability of your name and then get ready to start your blog is the name is available for use.

    2. Get your blog online

To get your blog online, you need blog hosting and blogging software. A blog host is a company that usually stores all the files from your blog and delivers the files to your user when they type in the name of your blog. Therefore, to have a blog, you need to have a blog host and it comes hand in hand with blogging software. WordPress is the popular software used to build blogs because it’s customizable and easy to use. You can register for a basic plan with BlueHost link and then choose your plan. You will need to type in your domain name in the left box and then click next to start the registration process. Then fill out your billing details on the registration page to be able to pay for the plan you’ve chosen. As a starter, choose the basic plan to help you start off and understand more about WordPress, other packaging options and how to use your blog.

After you are done registering your details, you will have to create a password for your account to enable you to choose a basic design template for your blog although you can change the template later on. After creating your password and choosing a template, your blog software (WordPress) will be installed automatically. Once the installation is complete, click ‘start building’ to log in to your blog.

    3. Customize your blog

You will need to log in to your account to be able to make any changes. People have different ideas of how they want their blogs to look like and this is where customization comes in. WordPress is preferred because it is easy to use. In fact, you can be able to change the entire layout and design of the blog with just a few clicks. You will need to spend some more time with WordPress to understand more about it, how to choose different themes and install other themes as you please.


   4. Write and publish your first post

Your blog is up and running, all you need to do is for you to start blogging. If you want to write a new post, click on ‘Add New’ and then start your writing. On the other hand, if you want to add a picture to your post, you can click on ’Add Media’ and then select the files you want to upload. You can be able to adjust the picture size to fit before posting. When you are done, click on ‘Publish’ on the right side of the screen to publish it.


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