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Internet Marketing Definition and Online Strategies

Internet Marketing Definition

Internet Marketing Definition and Online Strategies

The Market   

Internet marketing would seem to have little to do with the original idea of marketing. Which was simply the act of carrying goods to market. Today’s Internet marketing definition is far removed from this concept, with goods typically being shipped from a distant warehouse the whereabouts, of which the marketer may not even know.

Relationships in the market can be described. As exchange relationships, where people who give benefits expect reciprocity, that those who receive benefits will give benefits in return.

This aspect of the market has undoubtedly existed since early days when markets first came into existence. But in the marketplace of today. Where potential customers, as well as goods, are far removed from the seller.

Marketing is used to establish relationships, to create customers to keep customers, and to satisfy them. Thus it goes far above and beyond a mere focus on making goods available for sales.


Marketing is a function of business management. Those responsible for marketing need to be skilled at knowing what customer requirements are today and anticipating what they are going to be in the future, in order to satisfy their customers. Marketers need to know how to advertise, how to distribute and how to sell.

It is only natural that in our age of digital communication and the ‘information superhighway. Marketers have gravitated toward the Internet as a means of achieving all of these functions.

A good Internet marketing definition needs to focus on the means by which present-day marketers use the internet to achieve these aspects of their area of responsibility.

internet marketing definition

The term Internet marketing is synonymous with online marketing, and it is currently the most common form of digital marketing, with other forms being mobile phones and advertising on websites.

Also known as display advertising – or use of any other digital medium, for reasons enumerated above, Internet marketing is probably now the most commonly practiced of all types of marketing, as online advertising is used in conjunction with previous advertising tools such as newspapers and even radio and television.

The best Internet marketing definition takes into account. The use of the web and also e-mail as means of direct sales, as well as the use of websites to obtain sales, leads for electronic commerce.

Areas of Internet marketing, which involve specialized techniques, include e-commerce websites, affiliate marketing websites, online advertising on search engines, and organic SEO, or search engine optimization. The use of keywords is an SEO technique, as are various linking techniques and the production of relevant content And although these are not essential elements of an Internet marketing definition, they will be recognized by most people as a pervasive element of current present-day Internet marketing efforts.

Marketers use keywords in order to gain improved position in search engine result pages.


To summarize, an Internet marketing definition takes into account. Those elements of the market today are common to the market of yesterday. And the marketer’s responsibility is much the same. While the means of achieving marketing goals have changed radically:

It is essentially, the use of Internet resources to achieve the objectives of marketing.


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